The story of the OpenTPS project :



Development of IMREviewer by John Lee, a software implemented in matlab for PET segmentation and image processing.
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Edmond Sterpin develops the TomoPen model during his Ph.D., the first Monte Carlo treatment planning for Tomotherapy based on PENELOPE.
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Development of OpenREGGUI by Guillaume Janssen. OpenReggui is a Matlab-based software dedicated to the development of clinical applications using advanced image processing tools and image registration. This software was particularly dedicated to research in radiotherapy.
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Development of a fast Monte Carlo dose calculation: MCsquare .
MCsquare, developed by Kevin Souris, is designed and optimized to simulate proton pencil beam scanning treatments in voxelized geometries, such as a CT image. It exploits both task and data parallelisms of modern processors, being able to simulate 10^7 protons in less than one minute.
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MIROpt is a Matlab-based software package serving to robustly optimize a treatment plan. To compute the dose, it relies on the MCsquare dose engine. Nonetheless, it allows compatibility with other dose engines. For optimization it uses the C++ Ipopt function optimization libraries.
The MIROpt robust dose optimization engine comes in OpenREGGUI as a plugin. The source code is available in the gitlab of OpenREGGUI core. MIROpt is developed for pencil beam scanning and works by default with the MCsquare dose engine, yet it allows interfacing other dose engines.
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OpenTPS is an open-source treatment planning system (TPS) for research in radiation therapy and proton therapy. It was developed in Python with a special focus on simplifying contribution to the core functions to let the user develop their own features.
OpenTPS is based on the MCsquare dose engine and has inherited the image processing capabilities of OpenReggui.
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