Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • OpenTPS is an open-source Treatment Planning System (TPS) for research in radiation therapy and proton therapy. It was developed in Python with a special focus on simplifying contribution to the core functions to let the user develop their own features. We hope that with OpenTPS, you will find a way to develop innovative methods in the field of proton therapy and accelerate the research against cancer.

  • Installing OpenTPS is straightforward when you follow the instructions outlined in the quickstart section.

  • The OpenTPS documentation can be found in the Docs section, as the software is still in development, the documenation can evolve and some functions are not documented yet.

  • Of course ! The OpenTps_core is made to be utilised without the GUI. You can have a look at our examples to get started with the OpenTPs_core package.

  • No! OpenTPS is a research tool and it should be employed at such. It is suited for exploration purposes only.